Love is what makes you happy

I get happy when i buy shoes. I also get happy when i see balloons. But i get even more happy when i look at you. Why do you think i have over hundred pairs of shoes? Because i didn't have you. I had to travel around the world to find you. I had to be without you and long for you so my heart almost bursted. But it was all worth it as soon as i looked at you again. When your eyes met mine. When your smile touched my face. When your words touched my soul. 
Love has more inpact on your life then you can ever imagine it to. As soon as you let love in you are trapped, no matter if that is what you want or not. It doesn't matter how far you run away. It doesn't matter how much you try and blindfold yourself. There will always be peepholes. The love is always gonna force itself through the darkness, like the sun can tan you even in the shadow. The longer you ignore that fact the more it's going to hurt when you realize. 
In the end, no matter how hurt i get from it, love is what makes me happy. It is not a hundred pair of shoes, it is not balloons. It's love. It's not to travel itself that is the loving part about travelling, it's the people you meet on your way while doing it. Just like it's not just love that makes me happy, it's you loving me that does. 

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