Don't let history repeat itself

Sometimes you just have to walk away. To move on. To ignore the fact that life is not what you imagined it to be. There is so much darkness and evil in this world to care about it all. But if you dont care at all you loose yourself and everything around you. When you choose to ignore instead of moving on, that is when you loose it all. As always you have to find the perfect balance. 
I've always hated history. And history always keeps repeating itself. I've always been a rebel. I care what other people think, but i still always choose my own path. I like to try new ways to walk in life and hardly ever get trapped in a pattern. I have never been able to just explain what a regular day in my life looks like, cause i have no idea. No day is the same. But guess what? Even i have caught up to reality, but it just makes me feel trapped, not safe like for most people. 
Sometimes i wonder if my history, my messy past, maybe is a good thing. I would never want anyone to go through most things i've been through. But still it made me stronger. To be honest it also made me weaker, more insecure. But with experience you can try and change the world. You can pass it on to other people and teach them. You can always try and stop history from repeating itself. Why else would they teach history in school? Some pieces of it will always come through this upside-down-world. But for history to actually mean something and be a good thing, you have to first accept it and move on, and not getting trapped in denial. 

A bigger view

Auckland, Nya Zeeland
Fotograf: Jenny Högblad

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