My beautiful baby


All beauty is fragile

Fotograf: Jenny Högblad

Inside of me is a totally different world

I'm sitting here in total silence. Not even the sound of my tears dripping down my cheeks. The only thing you can hear is my breathing, the small sound she does from time to time and the music coming out from your headphones. Inside me I'm screaming. The loudest i can. I scream and scream and scream of panic. Like a pig getting tortured. In my head my tears falls like the Niagra Falls, except they are not in Canada. My heart is punding, faster and faster. It's like it hurts more and more for every second that goes by because each second is one second closer to my world falling apart. Our world. 
How am i suppost to breath when i know my world is going to crash? I do it for her. Every breath i take is for her. My love. My biggest love. WIthout her my lungs would just give up.


Fotograf: Jenny Högblad


"I don't take things slow. I close my eyes and jump."
Sadly, at one point you are going to hit the ground. 

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